Low Facebook page views (or why have I done all this work for nothing?)

So Facebook seem to have a random algorithm for posting to peoples’ news feeds. I did a test over the last couple of days.  I posted 3 different types of posts to my Facebook page (not timeline, a company page and it only has 450 likes) to see what the number views would be – Facebook page owners get to see how many folks viewed a post.  I was quite shocked actually.  Here are the results to find out why you might have low page views.

Posts with links to leave Facebook
1. 48 views
2. 33 views
3. 22 views
4. 24 views
5. 29 views
6. 34 views
7. 28 views
8. 25 views
9. 39 views
10. 28 views
Posts without links, just quotes (nice hippy quotes…)
1. 107 views
2. 116 views
3. 106 views
4. 83 views
5. 80 views
6. 69 views
7. 99 views
8. 85 views
9. 89 views
10. 90 views

Posts with links to Facebook pages (I don’t like many pages…)
1. Chi’n’Co 20 views
2. Bikram yoga west end 24 views

I know it’s only a couple of days, but this really shows a massive difference between posting random chat, rather than posting informative and useful links?

Come on Facebook! We might be your product, but we can walk away!

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