Mashups Galore

This world is now full of mashups.  From music tracks to music videos, from companies buying companies, to online stuff.  And being a developer the ones that excite me most are the ones where you take one website, say Flickr, and another, just for example Google, and you get some smart cookie doing some magic with the available APIs and producing a kick ass free tool available to everyone!  Well that’s exactly what we did in my day job about 8 months ago (I must be that smart cookie?).

The Birth of iMapFlickr

So we took the Google Maps API and the Flickr API and produced iMapFlickr.  This is an awesome tool that allows you to take all your photos, that have been geotagged, from Flickr and we will place them in the correct location on a Google Map.  With tonnes of customisation options, and a free account to boot, we then give you the code to display your lovely creation in your blog or website – anywhere that can accept some HTML.

The reason I have started blogging about it now is only because we have started to get those cool wee extra links that Google sometimes puts under your website address in it’s search page. I was well chuffed to see that.

So get your map on people (if anyone is reading this which I doubt). Hundreds of other people use it, so it can’t be bad now!